North Shore Winter: Haleiwa Reef Hawaiian Pro Day Two

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Tanner Gudauskas surfed very well but was not able to make it out of his round two heat

North Shore Winter: Haleiwa Reef Hawaiian Pro Day Two

Day two of the Reef Hawaiian Pro went off, and what a day it was with surf hitting a solid 8 feet and a few 10 footers. The morning heats hit the water in 6-foot surf and building and was real fun to watch - but as the day progressed the incoming swell did not disappoint. Rain and wind ran their course and textured the line up, but by afternoon the sun was out and the surf was bombing eight footers for the boys.

Orange County surfers did not fare well again today as Nate Yeomans and Tanner Gudauskas both from south county did not make it through their heats in the round of 96. Yeomans could not put together a high-scoring wave in the 22-minute heat and although Tanner surfed real well, he also came up a little short.

Tomorrow, Nov. 17 will see this swell drop by half but should still hold a good 4' to 6' for the Reef Hawaiian Pro to run with top seeds coming in like Kelly Slater, Brett Simpson, Kolohe Andino and others.

First heat should hit the water at 8 a.m. and will run a full day for day three.

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