North Shore Winter: Haleiwa Reef Hawaiian Pro Day Three

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Kolohe Andino on a mission surfed two heats today to make it into the quarter finals tomorrow

North Shore Winter: Haleiwa Reef Hawaiian Pro Day Three

Day three of the Reef Hawaiian Pro – the first stop for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing – was a great day for Orange County surfers with Pat Gudauskas, Brett Simpson and Kolohe Andino advancing.

The surf was down from yesterday but still very rippable, with shoulder-to-head high set waves. With the smaller conditions, the guys hit the power turns you need to hit to win in Hawaiia, but they also went to the air with some great boosts on the lefts at Haleiwa against the wind blowing in from the east.

The first Orange County local in the water was Kolohe Andino who like a surgeon picked the best waves of the early heat and cut and sliced up each ride to the likings of the judges. Soon after, Pat Gudauskas was out in a stacked heat and did very much the same thing – going after the set waves and just killing the rights. Brett Simpson was not going to be out done and from start to finish of his heat took complete control, but favoring the lefts.

Now the great thing about today for Orange County surfers is that Kolohe Andino had to surf late in the day to start the round of 32 and lead most of the heat until a last minute front side air, but Kolohe still advances into the quarter finals tomorrow, Nov. 18.

Sunny Garcia is on a roll so far this winter season with his second win of the season today as he took down Kaipo Jaquias, Tom Curren and Mark Occhilupo in the Clash of the Legends, with his momentum he is looking good for another Triple Crown victory.

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