Surfside remembers one of its own with paddleout

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The small community of SurfSide came out today to celebrate and remember the life of Dylan Tyrnauer, a life time resident of SurfSide. Some of the longest standing names of Huntington Beach came out with some local hero's in the line up.

Surfside remembers one of its own with paddleout

The little beach front community of Surfside remembered one of their own on Saturday, a long time surfing local, Dylan Tyrnauer. Dylan, a lifetime resident of Surfside, pasted away last month in his home town and today the little community he lived and died in paid a surfers' tribute to him with a paddle out of all kinds of local heros.

Bud Llamas, Styme, Jerry Mulford and many more names that are etched in the history of Huntington Beach all came out and laughed and remembered times gone by with Dylan. The day was sunny and windy, but that didn't stop around 300 of Dylans friends from paddling out and having one on him.

John Salanoa

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