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The top 24 on "American Idol" does not include Orange County singer Chris Golightly, who was disqualified from the competition after producers learned he had signed a recording contract. Continue through the slide show to meet the top 25.
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‘American Idol': OC singer disqualified

posted by The Watcher / ocregister.com

Faithful readers might have been a bit confused Wednesday night by the announcement of the Top 24 of “American Idol.”

Orange County singer Chris Golightly, aka Orphan, was supposed to be one of the semifinalists, but he didn’t show up on our TV screens.

It seems that Chris did make the semifinals originally, but was disqualified over a previous recording contract that he failed to disclose, according to various Internet postings confirmed by Ryan Seacrest via Twitter.

Chris was shown in the group shot of the Top 24 on Wednesday’s episode. His replacement, Tim Urban, wasn’t mentioned in the episode until the dance sequence at the very end, when he “popped up” oddly. Note: You can view the top 24 by clicking on this link or the photo at right.

As for the episode itself: At least it was only an hour.

Wednesday brought us a second straight “American Idol” episode that was relentlessly boring, as we watched the same scene repeated at least a dozen times. Hopeful walks a long aisle to meet the judges; judges act like they’re going to cut hopeful; hopeful makes the Top 24! Who could have guessed?

The closest we got to drama came with the last two slot for each gender, as the director set up what was to look like a difficult choice for the judges.

On the boys’ side it was Andrew Garcia vs. Thaddeus Johnson. Both had received plenty of camera time over the past few weeks, and both had sung well. Still, Andrew may have been the most impressive pre-season candidate, so it wasn’t surprising when he was awarded the 12th spot.

The girls’ side was more interesting, at least in theory. Tori Kelly, yet another pretty girl of modest talent, squared off against Haeley Vaughn, the country-pop singer with serious enunciation problems. The Watcher would have been happy with neither in the Top 24. Haeley, however, got about five times as much air time as Tori, so we knew she would earn the judges’ favor.

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