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Courtesy shophex.com
Say you're out at your favorite night spot or at the gym and you noticed someone wearing a watch that vaguely resembled an Ipod Nano®. You'd be right. The HEX Icon with a Gen 6/7 Ipod Nano in various colors (above)
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Tech meets style with the HEX Ipod watch bands


Say you’re out at your favorite night spot or at the gym and you noticed someone wearing a watch that vaguely resembled an Ipod Nano®. You’d be right.

If you think about it, the possibilities really open up when you have an Ipod as a watch, you can play music, have a custom watch face, add apps, etc…

Michel Dunphy. Image courtesy of shophex.  Click to view more photos

Michel Dunphy - Image courtesy of shophex. Click to view more photos

We were stoked on the idea and discovered HEX (shophex.com) while looking into the concept.  HEX produces watch bands that integrate with your Ipod Nano®

They’ve built a solid following since their start in 2010 not only in the action sports scene with guys like Mike Mo Capaldi, Eric Jackson, Bucky Lasek, Michael Dunphy and Morgan Wade, but they also are garnering attention from heavy hitters in the entertainment / music scene.  12th Planet, Far East Movement, Kid Cudi, Lloyd, Black Thought, Phoebe Dykstra, Seal have been showing them some love and some free publicity.

Even Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg gave them a shout out.

yfrog.com/kfq87qaj  -  @SnoopDogg


We caught up with VP and co-founder Trent Valladares to find out a little more about HEX:

How did the brand start / How did you guys come up with the idea / Were you the first?

The brand was started as an idea to truly bring street-worthy fashion to the way we live with our tech gadgets.  We wanted to make accessories for the way we like to look, but also that are consistent with the way we actually live.
We came up with the initial idea based on using our experience in watches to develop a watch band solution for the new iPod Nano® that would look like a legit watch and not some tech-toy.
Not sure if we were the first but we were definitely right up there.  What we did do first was to be first with a design aesthetic and quality that could sit in the best streetwear shops as well as the best electronics boutiques – and that’s why we generated so much press and interest. Then we expanded the line to include bags (backpacks, messengers, cross-body totes) as well as cases and wallets for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

How has your product been received by the public?

Extremely well.  HEX is selling very well at retailers from Apple to Nordstrom to Kitson to streetwear boutiques like Primitive, Salvation and Turntable Lab.  But the real test is how many people will come up to us just out in public and compliment us when they see us using our products – then you know you are hitting a nerve.

 What products are your best sellers?

Our messengers are very strong as they incorporate our patented PadPort feature to allow for on-the-go-iPad use.  Our Vision Metal watch bands are very strong and the Solo and Code wallets for iPhone.

Whats new / coming up next for HEX?

We have currently been building up our team of action sports athletes, DJ’s, musicians and other tastemakers. (Click to view more photos of Celebrities wearing HEX) Look for us to be making moves in the Skate, Snow and Surf markets as well as new products coming out created in conjunction with these core sports participants in mind. We are also sponsoring a few concert tours and various music shows as well as working with New Image Art gallery in Hollywood to support major artists who come through town.

Where can I buy your products?

Head here for our retailer list: shophex.com/dealers

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