North Shore Winter: Billabong Pipeline Masters - Day 3 of waiting period

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Today held 3' to 5' foot surf but not big enough to run the Billabong Pipeline Masters the third jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Most everyone stayed home through the morning hours as there was no need to be up early for the start of a competition.

North Shore Winter: Billabong Pipeline Masters - Day 3 of waiting period

As the morning came, there was no sense of urgency as we all knew the Billabong Pipeline Masters would not run Monday and will not run until Friday, at the earliest. The swell that hit over the weekend was all but a memory by morning and though we will have fun 3- to 5-foot waves all week long, they still are just too small to run the final day of competition with a big swell hitting as soon as Friday, when Pipe will be back in the 8- to 10-foot range.

The 2012 World Tour Champion is still a very close race between number one Joel Parkinson and number two ranked Kelly Slater.

The rumor mill is abuzz about this being the last title run for Slater as word has gotten out that he will announce his retirement from competitive surfing. He will still do some WT events as an invitee.

As the list for the WT surfers for 2013 starts to settle, Orange County's Pat Gudauskas will not be on next year's dream tour as he has fallen off the bubble with his round three loss in the Pipeline Masters. Both Brett Simpson and Kolohe Andino have re-qualified for next year's tour.

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