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Where to buy your holiday prime rib


Several readers have asked me to give them the deals out there for their holiday prime rib dinners, and there are lots of roasts on sale out there!

I might even buy a couple and throw them in the freezer for later consumption.  I was a little confused about the various cuts of rib meat, so I did some research as to exactly what constitutes "prime rib."

I'm listing the deals first, but if you want to know more about this topic, read to the bottom. And if you want to see everything the store has on sale this week, click on the blue link.

Albertsons (all specials require free loyalty card)

  • Albertsons beef ribeye roast $3.77 lb. with flyer coupon


  • No rib roasts on sale
  • Boneless beef chuck steaks or roasts $2.98 lb.

Fresh & Easy

  • Fresh & Easy boneless beef rib roast $4.99 lb.
  • Fresh & Easy boneless New York steaks $4.99 lb. limit 4


  • USDA Choice all natural prime rib $10.99 lb.

Henry's Farmers Market

  • Natural cut Angus standing prime rib beef roast $5.99 lb.

Pavilions (all specials require free loyalty card)

  • Rancher's Reserve beef ribeye roast $4.99 lb.
  • Boneless beef cross rib roast $2.47 lb.
  • Boneless beef chuck pot roast $1.97 lb.

Ralphs (all specials require free loyalty card)

  • Boneless New York roast $3.99 lb. limit 2
  • USDA Select standing rib roast bone-in $4.99 lb. limit 2

Smart & Final

  • Boneless beef ribeye roast $6.99 lb.


  • USDA Choice Presidential Cut standing rib roast natural $5.99 lb.

Stater Bros

  • Beef rib-eye roast $3.99 lb.
  • Boneless chuck roast $2.29 lb.
  • Boneless round sirloin tip roast $2.39 lb.
  • Boneless eye of round roast $2.79 lb.
  • Boneless rump bottom round roast $2.29 lb.
  • Boneless beef chuck shoulder roast $2.29 lb.

Super King Market Anaheim (their weekly specials run Thursday to Wednesday, click on the link to see them)

Superior Grocers (look at the flyer for the awesome Wednesday-Thursday-only specials!)

  • Fresh prime rib roast or steaks $3.99 lb. *
  • *My experience buying beef on sale at Superior is that they're inferior cuts of meat

Trader Joes *

* Trader Joes does not have weekly specials but here's a link to the website and Fearless Flyer when it comes out.

Vons (all specials require free loyalty card)

  • Rancher's Reserve beef ribeye roast $4.99 lb.
  • Boneless beef cross rib roast $2.47 lb.
  • Boneless beef chuck pot roast $1.97 lb.

So what exactly is prime rib?  This is what I found out:

Cows have 13 ribs.  At one time, prime rib referred to prime cuts of ribs, but nowadays it refers to any rib roast.

Since USDA Prime beef is very expensive and usually only found in fancy restaurants, generally in the grocery store you'll find cuts of meat, graded from USDA Choice down to USDA Select.

The grades refer to the quality and tenderness of the meat.  Anything that's not marked is going to be lower quality, so it should cost less.

So, in theory, a USDA Choice rib roast is going to be better quality than a Select roast, so keep that in mind when you're deciding how much to spend.

Also, a 'standing rib roast" is so-called because its ribs help it stand up, you can choose to have them removed and have the butcher roll the roast, though some cooks think this degrades the flavor.

Some more reading about prime rib:


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