North Shore Winter: Billabong Pipeline Masters - Day 2 of Competition

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Slater slotted for another tube ride

North Shore Winter: Billabong Pipeline Masters - Day 2 of Competition

The Billabong Pipe Masters day two of competition ran the entire day in anywhere from 4- to 10-foot Pipeline. Early morning looked as if the swell had peaked overnight and was on the way down and fast, but as the eleven o'clock hour hit from Off the Wall to Pipeline, it turned on and stayed on into the evening. Even though it was big, there were a lot of closeouts due to the dominating west swell in the water. Back door rides happen just as much as Pipe rides if not a few more.

The battle of South Orange County and North Orange County took place in the afternoon as Kolohe Andino surfed off against Brett Simpson. Andino didn't make it easy for Simpo as Andino took off on a bomb back door wave and road it deep, looking like he was riding the foam ball when the monster spit and out came Andino with a 7.50. It seemed that back door score had Simpson rattled as he took off on closeout after closeout and really never got a score. Simpson's heat combined score was a 3.83, Andino never had to get a back-up score and only had a 1.97 second score. Andino had Gabriel Medina in round three and did not advance out over Medina.

We look to be on hold until Friday when another good-sized swell hits the North Shore of Oahu. Parko and Slater were both still in it as we started round four Sunday but will finish it on Friday. The 2012 World Title could be crowned then.

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