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Middle-school surfers enjoy super-duper bowl


Ever watch a middle-school surf contest? For all the enthusiasm, it's sort of like a mini Super Bowl of surfing. For many of the kids, it's their first chance to compete in a team sport at what they love most, riding waves.

The San Clemente Pier served up some fun waves on a rising northwest swell Saturday for an Orange County tournament that featured seven middle schools. For some action photos and beach scenes, click on the photo.

Shorecliffs and Bernice Ayer Middle Schools of San Clemente continue to lead he pack after three events on the Scholastic Surf Series' Orange County circuit. Saturday, Shorecliffs and BAMS placed 1-2, with Thurston Middle School of Laguna Beach taking third. Marco Forster of San Juan Capistrano was fourth.

Jacob Atwood (longboard) and Tera Richardson (shortboard) led the way for Shorecliffs, winning their divisions. BAMS had two division winners, Noah Hohenester (shortboard) and Derek Reynolds (bodyboard). Teresa O'Connor (longboard) won a division for Marco Forster Middle School.

The next contest is scheduled March 3 at Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach.


Boys shortboard:1. Noah Hohenester, Bernice Ayer; 2. Curran Dand, Shorecliffs; 3. Bryce Crane, Shorecliffs; 4. Gunner Day, Shorecliffs; 5. Noah Atwood, Shorecliffs; 6. Jeremy Shutts, Thurston.

Girls shortboard:1. Tera Richardson, Shorecliffs; 2. Alexxa Elseewi, Bernice Ayer; 3. Bethany Zalesko, Shorecliffs; 4. Lily Benjamin, Marco Forster; 5. Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer; 6. Ashley Beeson, Niguel Hills.

Boys longboard:1. Jacob Atwood, Shorecliffs; 2. Gus Day, Shorecliffs; 3. River Covey, Shorecliffs; 4. Kai Takayama, Bernice Ayer; 5. Jack Benjamin, Marco Forster; 6. Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer.

Girls longboard:1. Teresa O'Connor, Marco Forster; 2. Maya Harrison, Bernice Ayer; 3. Kailey Biggs, Shorecliffs; 4. Gabriella McCormick, Bernice Ayer; 5. Kaila Patterson, Shorecliffs; 6. Kendall Osorio, Marco Forster.

Bodyboard:1. Derek Reynolds, Bernice Ayer; 2. Brad Prolo, Shorecliffs; 3. Luke Overin, Bernice Ayer; 4. Shane Kimbrough, Bernice Ayer; 5. Kian Feiner, Shorecliffs; 6. Kyle Saavedra, Marco Forster.

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