North Shore goes silent for the holidays

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There will be some new names for you to know on the 2013 ASP World Tour

North Shore goes silent for the holidays

It's been four days now since the end of the Vans Triple Crown and the North Shore has gone silent both in and around the waters. The Billabong Pipe Masters sure knew what was up when they ran the Pipe Masters last day this past Friday, as the ocean has gone flat and the Hawaiian winter seemed to have started the next day with rains and EWE winds which kill everything.

The ASP top surfers have fled the islands as we saw Brett Simpson head back to Huntington Beach Tuesday morning. Joel Parkinson, the new ASP World Champion, left back to Australia as well. Santa Ana's Courtney Conlogue has been seen around the beach; word is she is headed back to the mainland on Thursday.

Yes the North Shore has gone silent, with a bit of a surf hangover. It was a slow season but a fun one for sure. We held witness to a big sponsor shift with Nike pulling out of surfing and handing over its team to Hurley. A lot of kids have lost their sponsors at the close of this season. A lot of new stickers on boards as there have been a lot of personal shifting sponsors. There are some new names for you to know on next year's World Tour. Randy Rarick is stepping down as the ASP man on the ground in Hawaii after 30 years.

What's on tap for 2013? We'll see.

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