Orange County Summer Trends

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Pop out from the crowd at the beach or summer BBQ with bright, highlighter-status colors! Lime Green, Cobalt Blue, and Tangerine, to name a few.
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Orange County Summer Trends

Rev up your summer wardrobe with this season's must-haves


-Lady Diana Davalos

With rising temperatures and a never-ending thread of events to RSVP, take note of this summer’s latest trends.

Local fashion trend stores for young women, Heavenly Couture and No Rest For Bridget [NRFB], help guide us through this summer’s must-haves.

Bohemian Style

The undying-California standard of the Bohemian is alive and in high demand with loose, chiffon blouses paired with long, maxi skirts.  For the more casual girl, this is the ideal style. 

Merchandise buyer Irene Hong of Heavenly Couture explains the reasons why every woman should love chiffon.

“Chiffon fabric is everyone’s favorite in the summer.  It’s very forgiving, so no matter what body type you are, you’ll look great in it,” Hong said.

And you can’t go anywhere without seeing the high-low cut of dresses, skirts, and tops. 

No Rest For Bridget explains how big of a hit high-low dresses and off-set-length tops have been this summer.  Their new merchandise seems to fly off their shelves immediately after receiving them in stores. 

A chiffon top paired with a sheer skirt with the attached mini underneath dresses up this otherwise casual style, perfect for outdoor events such as outdoor weddings or dinner get-togethers.

Maxi dresses are a must-have this summer as well. 

 That ’70s Look

Summer  ’12 rewinds back to the ’70s.  

No Rest For Bridget explains the homage to the ’70s is demonstrated with fun crocheted tops that can be worn on top of bathing suits or colorful “bando” tops. Wide-leg denim jeans have made a huge comeback this season as well.   


Nautical style has a different twist this season, with the American flag as its focus. Mix-and-matched red, white, and blue tops are a clever way to splash different colors together in an eye-catching ensemble.   

“A lot of designers are doing American flag prints, or mix and matching red-white-and-blue pieces,” Hong says.

Think Bright

If subtlety isn’t your thing, stand out with neon shades.  Summer colors include neon green/pink/orange or yellow. 

NRFB listed tangerine, lime, and cobalt blue as the top colors for this season.

Find jeans in a variety of mint or pastel shades as well.  These can be paired well with white or nude colors to offset the eye-popping colors.  Cobalt blue jeans look best on any body type, as the dark color gives anybody a subtle yet trendy flare to their outfit without feeling like a neon construction sign. 


Chunky, short-length necklaces, or bib necklaces are top sellers.  Bright turquoise or coral colors liven up any outfit.

Layering accessory pieces seems to be a favorite among designers and celebrities as well. Thick leather strap bracelets mixed with thin-length pieces are popular. 

“Right now you see a lot of celebrities wearing a lot of layering, skinny pieces mixed with wide ones.  A bangle, a leather strap, and then a Michael Kors watch are all over the place,” Hong says. 

NRFB lists studs as the latest trend for accessories.  You’ll find studs anywhere from shoes, flats, or even handbags. 

Following the same idea as studs, mixing crosses, skulls, and studs to any outfit gives it that edge you will want.  

In accessories, feathers in the hair seem a bit juvenile.


Being natural and comfortable is what’s trendy.  The great thing about living in California is the light garments, bright shades, and funky mix-and-matches women get to create in their daily wardrobe.

NRFB explains that integrating all the styles together is what makes this summer so much fun. You can add an edge to a delicate style with just a few blunt accessories. 

Where to Shop

It might be crazy to imagine a trendy boutique could keep up with the latest fashions at an affordable price, but Heavenly Couture manages to do so, with all the apparel listed at $15. Yes -- $15.

Heavenly Couture has eight locations spread throughout Orange County, including San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and Huntington Beach.

Heavenly Couture OC COAST Locations

Huntington Beach

200 Main St.

Huntington Beach Ca., 92648



Laguna Beach

252 Forest Ave.

Laguna Beach, Ca.,  92651



Newport Beach-Balboa

305 Main St.

Newport Ca.,  92661



San Clemente

128 Avenida Del Mar

San Clemente, Ca., 92672



Seal Beach

148 Main St. Suite D

Seal Beach, Ca.,  90740


 No Rest For Bridget Locations

 Literally offering the latest fashion pieces of the season, No Rest For Bridget, is sure to become a favorite.   Its versatile selection offers different looks for any occasion.  Its one of those gems you’ll appreciate discovering during those last minute, need-to-impress events in your life.

Costa Mesa

17th St., Costa Mesa, Ca., 92627



Huntington Beach

Bella Terra Shopping Center

7777 Edinger Ave., Huntington Beach, Ca.,  92647



Newport Beach

3121 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, Ca.,  92663








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