Rising surf starts Tuesday, swell runs through weekend

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Today is the first of many days of surf as the swell window fills up with NNW and SSW swells both on their way to pump fun surf into Orange County. There will be winds all week from mid morning through most of the days, so for the clean fun surf you might want to get out there early and enjoy!

Rising surf starts Tuesday, swell runs through weekend


Orange County surf is on the rise, with Tuesday being the first of many coming days of head high to overhead surf. A very big high tide surge this morning with a near full moon peaked at 9:05 a.m., but didn't hurt the incoming swell as it rolled right over it and set up some great rides from the outside running through to the inside double up.

Swell builds throughout the week into what looks like our first combo swell of the season this weekend. Models show a SSW heading our way with a large NNW coming in from Hawaii, if the models hold true we all need to get our speedy short boards ready for some much needed A-frames.

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