Monday new work week with super fun surf

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Teddy Navarro setting up his next maneuver looking down the line

Monday new work week with super fun surf

Monday after the storm made for sunny skies and near-perfect surf in the early morning hours. At first light myself, Brett Simpson, Teddy Navarro and videographer David Lee Scales looked over the surf and like most people thought, "over it, too cold and too small." As Simpo and Scales took off to get some work done - Brett has a lot of work in Orange County to get out of the way as he is leaving Thursday back on the World Tour for 2013. He is pretty slammed before Thursday's flight to Oz and the start of the Dream Tour, Teddy looks at me and says, "Well I'm going surfing."

As I start to pull away, Ryan Simmons is just getting out of his truck and looks at me and yells,"It's firing!", "WHAT!" I say. Just as this exchange starts I see clean head-high sets rolling through and Teddy is blowing tail, you could hear the laughter from the water to the parking lot. We're out there!

John Salanoa

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