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Shoppers: 10 things sales clerks won't tell you

One thing I would never want to be, especially during the holidays, is a shop girl. I can’t imagine dealing with the grumpy customers, the shoppers with entitlement syndromes, the harried moms with five kids climbing the clothes racks, the professional return artists.

Being pleasant through it all? Not hardly.

Retail clerking is a lot harder than it looks. Think of the late nights refolding T-shirts and restocking the sweaters. The customers three-deep in line and college-student Summer calls in sick. The clear purse you’ve got to carry, so you won’t steal. The low pay and sore feet.

Woman’s Day has come up with a list of things retail clerks think, but won’t say. So has Yahoo’s Shine. And we came up with a few of our own.

1. Woman’s Day — If you’re rude, salespeople will withhold deals and discounts they know about that can save you money.

2. WD — Watch the way you rehang. Better to not rehang at all if you’re going to hang clothes inside out or upside down.

3. WD — You will get the best service first thing in the morning on a weekday.

4. WD — Sale items are rarely in the front of the store. Stroll to the back to get the best deals.

5. Stylebinge — Sales clerks dread a mess. Try not to tear the displays apart, then leave with only a $9.99 T-shirt on clearance.

6. SB — Stores that offer a commission to their clerks will provide the most attentive service.

7. SB – Stores that don’t offer commissions may still demand sales goals, especially for credit card offers and especially at the end of the month.

7. SB — Store clerks size you up and make decisions on whether you’re a buyer or browser. If you’ve got an armful of bags, you look like a buyer. Prepare to be pounced.

8. Shine — Those greeters in the store that look like nice people? They’re there to watch for shoplifters.

9. Shine — Holds. Most clerks know you won’t come back for them.

10. Shine — EVERYTHING gets marked down eventually.

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