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Interview: Jeffree Star gets Warped

The O.C. native gears up for his second stint on the annual Vans Warped Tour.


Jeffree Star is no overnight sensation. The androgynous 22-year-old electro-pop star has worked tirelessly on building his empire, including a music career, clothing line, modeling and gigs as a makeup artist.

His debut EP, "Cupcakes Taste Live Violence," has been well-received by the Hot Topic generation. The same audience is equally as frantic about Star's style and clothing line that boasts bright colors, cupcake and skull designs and hot pants.

The former Huntington Beach resident now calls Los Angeles his home, although he's hardly there. Star is a jetsetter and spends most of his time loading up his Louis Vuitton luggage to head out to make appearances at various events. He's also just finished his first full-length album, "Beauty Killer," due Sept. 1.

Last year Star played a handful of dates on the annual Vans Warped Tour. He's back this year for 23 more shows and says he's way more prepared. Although recently there's been some drama in his life - an arrest last December for carrying a knife in his luggage at the Burbank airport led to community service, and later he fractured elbow - he says he's excited about the upcoming tour.

OrangeCounty.com: What happened to your elbow?

Star: I fractured it, but I'm like Beyonce, I'm a survivor. I fell backwards on the bed when I was having an orgy. I get the cast off Thursday (the day before the first Warped Tour show in Pomona on Friday). It's not slowing me down at all.

OrangeCounty.com: How are you preparing for the Warped Tour this year?

Star: I have four or five suitcases filled with slutty attire. I also went to Target and spent like $500 on sunscreen and supplies. I've also got my black umbrella - I won't be tanning like everyone else.

OrangeCounty.com: How do you keep your hair from matting down and makeup from sweating off out there in the hot sun?

Star: I don't know why but when I walk off stage and its 120 degrees my makeup doesn't move. I think it's because the way I apply it is better than any girl out there and my body doesn't sweat. I'm not even trying to be funny. It's all about MAC and NARS makeup.

OrangeCounty.com: What are some necessities you must have on tour with you?

Star: I'm bringing like seven new Louis Vuitton bags, and I can't live without my computer.

OrangeCounty.com: What are you the most excited about on this Warped Tour?

I'm looking forward to sleeping with 3OH!3 and Senses Fail. I'm really excited to see All Time Low, they are one of my favorites. I really wanna try this new thing where I have the fans hold up a giant mirror in the audience so I can watch myself perform. It's gonna be pretty hot out there too, so if I pass out from anorexia, don't judge me.

Tell us a little bit about the new album "Beauty Killer."

Star: It's coming out Sept. 1. It got pushed back a little because I had to do a bit of community service because of a felony weapons charge. I had to remove graffiti for a month with some hot Mexican gangsters with neck tattoos, so I didn't mind. I had to wake up at 6 a.m. and I don't know how normal people do that. I had to wear a hat and no makeup but people still recognized me. But the album has 15 tracks and I'm really excited about it. Every song has a different feel to it. There are tracks with heavy guitars and some of them are more fun Britney Spears dance-club type stuff. There's definitely some club anthems mixed in there.

OrangeCounty.com: When's the reality show coming?

Star: I've have some big meetings with MTV but I'm trying to decided which route I want to take. I don't want to do a dating show, some Bret Michaels, "Daisy of Love" crap. I don't wanna have to fake it. I'm pitching the idea about doing a show about my family because they're all really insane. They're ready for the world to see how stupid they are. I'm the normal one and they're all psycho.

OrangeCounty.com: Where's your favorite place to hang out in Orange County?

Star: I was actually down there for Father's Day to visit my aunt and uncle and I'm really glad that they're putting in a Pinkberry in Bella Terra because Pinkberry is my life. I like going down on Main Street (in Huntington Beach) and I like Electric Chair - I used to be Goth in high school so that was my favorite hangout. South Coast Plaza is an obvious one, too, because I love Chanel and MAC makeup.

OrangeCounty.com: Would you ever consider moving back to Orange County?

Star: When I go down to Garden Grove or Huntington, since I went to high school there, I always see people I went to school with and they're like 500 pounds and working at Carl's Jr. I'm glad I didn't stay there and rot, but I do kind of miss it. I'd like to get like a place on the beach - even though I don't tan, I love the beach at night.

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