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How to sail the world for free

If you dream of sailing the world and finding secret uncrowded surf, but can't afford a yacht or a fancy cruise, then think about this option:

There are also numerous surf charter companies around the world, like (Kandui in the Mentawais or Wavehunters in the Maldives or Surfari Charters in Nicaragua) Your best bet on landing a job with one of those companies is to learn the local language and bring a needed skill.  You'll have more luck if you're a chef or have some medical training.

Or, you can sign up to crew on someone else’s boat and ride along for free. (Most of the jobs listed on the sites below are not surf charter boats, but I'm sure you'll find yourself some time to surf if you get on board with the right crew....

Sometimes, you'll be asked to share in the costs. And sometimes you might be the one to get paid.

There are times you don’t even need sailing skills, if the skipper is looking for a cook or a teacher for kids, or maybe just someone to share the costs.

Check out online crew classifieds to look for a spot:

Surfline ran an article "How to Score your Dream Job" a while back about this topic too

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