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Emerging local star Jameson on the cover of his just-released album ‘Out of the Canyon on Crutches.'
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Jameson & Co. releases long-awaited disc


Out of the Canyon on Crutches, the first proper album from budding O.C. artist Jameson, has been a long time coming. It took so long to compete the collection, which dropped Tuesday, that in the process of recording it he was able to finish and self-release an introductory set (last year's extended EP Synergist) and wrap work on a second full-length effort, Carnivore, cut at Zion Studios in Santa Ana and due in spring.

He diligently but patiently worked on his latest endeavor for the past two years at the legendary Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles. Jameson, now billed as Jameson & Co., was an invited guest of the studio's pros, who wanted to help the 28-year-old prepare a grander-sounding album. The Santa Ana resident made the drive to L.A. once a month on average, eating up any time available in between Henson's paying customers.

There were times when he was frustrated by the piecemeal process, but he says it was well worth the wait.

"It sounds polished to me," Jameson said as we kicked back in his camper, parked just outside of his home-base studio and lockout, where he also practices with his other band, Echo Echo.

"There's no toilet dripping in the background like there is on all of my other recordings – I record vocals in the bathroom, so that's just part of it. I'm so used to that, but to hear all of that buffed out, it's very different and it's nice. I'm glad I had the chance to record at Henson, and who knows if I'll ever record in a studio like that again."

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