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Los Angeles musician, Jamie Drake, performs at the Black Sheep Show on June 11 to a packed house.
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Mike Vitale's Black Sheep Show packs McClain's in Fullerton


Mike Vitale, Jamie Drake, Marianne Keith, Alice Wallace, David and Devine 

From the outskirts of downtown Fullerton looms a cafe that reeks of coffee and cigarettes. The food is good. The customers are good. The staff is good. But the musical talent that steams through McClain’s Coffee House every Thursday evening is far from amateur. 


Run by Orange County musician Mike Vitale, the Black Sheep Show is an attempt at bringing together better-than-average musicians for an intimate evening of locally brewed talent. For nearly four hours, fans overflowed small couches and hardwood floors to enjoy the free show.

While six artists topped the bill, Jamie Drake--a tiny woman with a deep voice, bushy bangs, and a pearl snap shirt--made a sweet impression on the audience as she screamed through the microphone with luscious harmonies. Though her rough guitar playing could have been tamed, Jamie Drake’s beastly lyrics sunk into the souls of all who occupied the small room. Not one audience member ceased to applaud her many songs she performed. (videos below) 

Otherwise loitered with hooligans by night, the Black Sheep Show turns McClain's Coffee House into a mecca of local music. Every Thursday night, an audience of both youngsters and geezers overflows the coffee house in anticipation of what musical guests Mike Vitale has gathered.

McClain's Coffee House 
817 N. Harbor Blvd.
FullertonCA 92832
(714) 525-5282 

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